Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I can do it...Right??

I am scheduled to run my 5th half-marathon this year on Sunday...oh yes, it is also my 5th half-marathon ever.

In September, while on vacation in Scotland, I ran a half-marathon. I intended for it to be a training run and took my time, stopping to take pictures and chat with curious spectators along the way (I was the first Canadian participant EVER.  In 33 yrs, the first!) Yet, somehow, I achieved a PB, shaving 5 full minutes off my previous record of 2h43m.

Since then, I've kinda fallen off the wagon - runningwise.  I've managed a couple long-ish runs but haven't followed the plan the way I should have done.  So, I'm nervous. Will Sunday be a repeat of June's disastrous  Johnny Miles 1/2 where I actually walked 5km of the 21.1???  Or will I be able to did deep to my reserves of strength and gumption and pull out another PB?  Or should I run at all??

This half is really important to me. In 2010,  Legs for Literacy 5k was my very first race. Last year, I ran the 10k; this year the half; and FINALLY next year I hope to run the full.  My couch to full in 4 years plan :)
BUT if I miss this year, that throws the whole thing out the window.  ARGH!

I will do it.  I will. As I keep telling people, I'm built for comfort, not speed.

Stay tuned.

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